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FAQ INDEX What is the ICA? [Return to Index]
The ICA is a web-based classroom environment giving teachers and students a forum to collaborate and share ideas. The ICA is free for anyone to use and requires only a web browser and a connection to the Internet.  

Where can I find a list of classes on the ICA? [Return to Index]
The ICA is for use by teachers and their students. We do not offer any public classes at this time, so there is not directory of classes.  

How do I create a classroom on the ICA? [Return to Index]
Creating a class is a simple process. You can click on Create a Class on the Nicenet home page to start the process.  

How do I join a class on the ICA? [Return to Index]
To join a class you must get a "Class Key" from your instructor. You can click on Join a Class on the Nicenet home page to start the process.  

How do I add students to my class? [Return to Index]
Students add themselves to your class. Give the students the Class Key you were assigned when you created your class and direct them to the Nicenet home page where they can click Join a Class and enter the Class Key.  

Do I need different accounts for each class I am in? [Return to Index]
No, you need only one user account for the ICA. On the navigation you will find links to join new classes and leave classes you are no longer a part of.  

Can I upload files to share with my class? [Return to Index]
No, we cannot support file upload to our server at this time. You can "cut and paste" into an ICA text field.  

How do I change my password, email address, name and other personal information. [Return to Index]
Click on Edit User Profile at the bottom of the navigation from within the ICA.  

Can I include HTML in my documents and messages? [Return to Index]
Yes, you can use HTML tags in Nicenet. If you are new to HTML you may want to check out WebMonkey HTML Basics or HTML Goodies HTML Primer  

How long can my class be on the ICA? Do classes ever expire? [Return to Index]
Classes do not expire. You may keep your class on the ICA as long as you like. We do reserve the right to delete classes that remain inactive for very long amounts of time (measured in years, not months), but we have never actually done this.  

Can I use HTML in my Nicenet postings? [Return to Index]
Yes, we allow a subset of HTML in Nicenet postings for formatting reasons. However, for security reasons and to preserve page integrity, you may not use the following tags: SCRIPT, OBJECT, APPLET, EMBED, FORM, LAYER, ILAYER, FRAME, IFRAME, FRAMESET, PARAM, META, MARQUEE, INPUT, TEXTAREA, HTML, HEAD, BODY, BGSOUND. Inline javascript events in tags (i.e.: onClick) are also not allowed.  

How Do I Retrieve My Class Key? [Return to Index]
If you are an instructor, log into your account and choose "Class Administration" from the left-side navigation.  

Can I Turn Off Or Monitor Personal Messages of Students? [Return to Index]
The short answer is no. Personal Messages on the ICA are akin to email -- they are tied to individual user accounts and not to a particular class, so class Administrators do not have access to them. If you feel there has been abuse of the Personal Messages feature we can attempt to assist you by identifying the offending party and/or by disabling the offending user account.