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Nicenet is proud to provide the Internet Classroom Assistant without charge to educators and their students around the world. We welcome companies and individuals who share our desire to make powerful tools available to all classrooms to help us support the ongoing operations and continual improvement of the ICA.

Nicenet's expenses include the computer hardware, hosting, and bandwidth necessary to provide the ICA. We also support the ongoing development of the ICA and our administrative overhead.

In the last month 7,770 users have logged into the ICA, representing 1,482 active classes. Classroom in more than 25 countries at a wide range of age levels and disciplines use the ICA every week. The ICA receives over 100,000 individual page views per day.

Supporting Nicenet and the ICA is a great way to give back to the Internet community and gain exposure for your organization.

If you are interested in discussing sponsorship opportunities, write to:

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